Aedes aegypti, the dengue fever carrying mosquito. (

Sudden-death mosquitoes are a form of a GMO.  A GMO is a genetically modified organism.  The males mosquitoes in this dies shwithout the antibiotic tetracyclin.  The genes that are mo


Oxitec is a company based on controlling insects that are harmful to the people and company that has targeted the dengue fever based


Oxitec calls this solution: RIDL (Release of Insects containing a Dominant Lethal). The male mosquitoes are genetically modified by injecting the mosquito eggs with a "killer gene" (RIDL) that produces the protein "tTA".  "tTA" stands for tetracyclin transactivator protein aspeeds which their body


How tetracycline acts as a repressor for the tTA protein. (

cannot control.  This causes the cell's essential machino be very busy which then disrath.  kills the offspring before they are able to become an adult and reproduce.  (2)ads

The genetically modified mosquitoes have the capability of eradicating mosquito-bornery o ve against it.  Eradicating the mosquitoes that trae thousands of lifes.y.

Many people are worrieymirst release of genetically modified mosquitoes in 2009 and 2010.  Not a single genetically-modified mosquito survived.  In 2009 whe populto by 80% for 3 months.

Other successful experiments were in Brazil and Malaysia.  They will possibly release the GM mosquitoes in the Florida Keys. (3)

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