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PubMed is a database containing literature concerning life science and biomedical science topics, specifically MEDLINE journals or articles that are classified as MEDLINE by NIH. PubMed is maintained by the United States National Library of Medicine (USNLM) (1). PubMed has a central focus on medicine pertaining to humans and thus contains organisms modeling humans or humans as subjects. 

Searching on PubMedEdit

There are over 23 million medical journal articles from the 1950's forward, and with so many publications, it can be difficult to get focused and specific search results.

To combat this issue, a complementary search database, MeSH, can be used to target searches to more specifically focused results.

MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) is a supplementary search engine to be used in concordance with PubMed to identify and index articles on

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PubMed, and to utilize more specific search criteria. 

1. Develop a narrow search question with a specific and focused topic

2. Identify concepts associated with the specific research topic

3. Identify possible sub-headings and text words for each associated concept

4. Identify dates of publication, types of subjects/participants involved (age, gender, ethnicity, etc.), language of publications, and research design to filter results


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