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MethyCancer (Database of Human DNA Methylation and Cancer) is part of the Cancer Epigenomics Project in China and is maintained by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. This is an epigenetic database specifically consisting of DNA methylation patterns found in human cancers. DNA methylation is a type of epigenetic DNA modification that has been shown to be involved in various aspects of human cancers such as chromatin instability and the regulation of both tumor suppressor genes and oncogenes [1].  MethyCancer was created to facilitate the study of how epigenetic DNA methylation patterns influence gene expression in the context of cancer, and it functions as both a data analysis platform and a source of information.  

The data available in MethyCancer are highly integrated and consist of information on cancer-related information from various public resources, genes and genetic mutations known to be involved in cancer, human DNA methylation patterns, and CpG Island  (CGI) clones created from the Cancer Epigenomic Project in China's massive-scale high-throughput sequencing of the human epigenome.  Data on DNA methylation patterns and profiles available from MethyCancer are primarily sourced from Methylation Landscape of the Human Genome(Columbia University), the Human Epigenome Project  (HEP), and MethDB [2] .  The MethyCancer analysis platform is useful for research involving the identification of new cancer-related genes and epigenetic targets, the genome-wide distribution of CGIs, the relationship between known oncogenes and the methylation state of DNA, and complete DNA methylation patterns and profiles for a variety of tissues and phenotypes derived from thousands of independent experiments.


  • Methylation Search provides different search options for methylation data, including methylation type, data source, experiment method, sample information and position on human genome.Go to Search
  • Gene Search contains more than 30,000 genes which were grouped into three categories with estimates of confidence of their relationship with cancer: 1) annotated cancer gene, 2) candidate cancer gene, and 3) other gene.Go to Search
  • Cancer Search collects more than 500 cancers (including cancer prone and leukemias).Go to Search
  • Searching for Clones, Repeats, and the Relationships between DNA Methylation, Gene Expression, and Cancer Type.Go to for Clones, Repeats, and Relationships between DNA Methylation, Gene Expression, and Cancer Type.

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