MGI (Mouse Genome Informatics) is a database maintained by The Jack

Available sections on MGI

son Laboratory (Bar Harbor, ME).  The database provides genetic and genomic data on laboratory mouse strains.  Virtually any information on laboratory mouse genetics, genomics, phenotypes, etc are available on MGI.  MGI contains many valuable tools to access the data in various ways.  Each database section includes an FAQ to provide more help for users. [1]

Database SectionsEdit


This section contains tools such as a standard gene search, a mouse specific basic alignment search tool (MouseBLAST), and the Mouse Genome Browser.  The Mouse Genome Browser can be used to visual the location and direction genes on regions of specific chromasomes.  The genome browser is also accessible through the gene detail page and will bring the user directly to the specific region and chromasome where the gene of interest is located.


Link to genome browser from gene detail page.


Mouse Genome Browser output.

Phenotype & Disease ModelsEdit


List of top level mammalian phenotypes indexed at MGI.

The search component for the disease models is limited to disease search terms and Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM) is used to curate mouse models of human disease. [2]

This section can be browsed by disease or phenotype and will list all genotypes that have been found to exhibit the desired phenotype or disease model.  There are currently 52905 genotypes in the phenotype & disease model database.


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2. Disease model curation improvements at Mouse Genome Informatics. Bello et al. (2012)  [PMID: 22434831]