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The mission statement of this database is to provide a user-friendly database of individual/polymorphisms of genes or markers that result in a classified disease.

"GAD is an archive of published genetic association studies that provides a comprehensive, public, web-based repository of molecular, clinical and study parameters for ... human genetic association studies." 


This approach will allow the systematic analysis of complex common human genetic disease in the context of modern high-throughput assay systems and current annotated molecular nomenclature" -

The database is open to the public for submissions, and submissions are not limited to authors (you can submit the work of others for review)

The database has a variety of ways to sort listings including disease, environmental factor, and gene interaction polymorphisms. If a polymorphism has been described on another database, a link is provided within the database.

From ADHD to narcolepsy, this database provides all approved polymorphisms of the human genome, providing link extensions to other online databases that contain more information about the nature of the listed genetic modification.

To view the original paper that outlined the purpose of GAD, follow this link:

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