I find myself using these comments frequently in response to student contributions, so I thought that I'd collect them all in one place.

Relevance: Your article needs to have an expicit connection to the assigned topic. In the case of Assignment 1, there needs to be a clear linkage to genetics, genomics, or metagenomics.

Reference formatting: There is no required formatting, but you should include at the very least, the title, source, and year as well as a direct link (see below)

Reference links: Direct, clean links to the cited articles would be appreciated by most readers.

Write using your own voice. All of your contributed content should be in your own words. Simply rewording material that is taken from another source is not ok.

Figure attribution. Always tell the reader where your figures came from, and provide a link. Feel free to sketch your own figures whenever you'd like.

Figure title. All figures should have a clearly understandable title.

Figure legends. Figures should be accompanied by enough explanatory text so that the reader can understand the figure.

Communicate using clear English grammar and good spelling.