Database of Genotypes and PhenotypesEdit

What it isEdit

This database was created as a resource to compile data from studies done involving the interaction between genotypes and phenotypes. Because some of the datasets can involve personal information, there are two levels of data access: open and controlled. To veiw the controlled data sets requires permission from the NIH Data Access Committee. Information found in the controlled database would inclube information such as pedigrees, and de-individualized phenotypes and genotypes for individual study subjects. The open database doesnot require special authorization. It includes information such as study documents, phenotypic variables and genotype-phenotype analyses.

How its usedEdit

Once on the dbGaP homepage, click browse all studies. Once on this homepage, you can search a desired subject. This will then give you all the relevant studies in the database based on your search. You can then access the study information. If it is private, you have to apply for authorization which would be on your search study's page. The following link is a more comprehensive video tutorial directly from the database.