Assignment 3: Personal genomicsEdit

  1. Look for an email from 23andMe in your UVM email account (should arrive this evening)
  2. Click on the link in the email and set up a free 23andMe account. Note that you are not required to purchase an analysis kit for your own genome.
  3. Log in and view genomic analysis results from John Burke (look under "My Results" and select a topic from among the health and ancestry choices)
  4. Choose one or a group ofsingle nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), genes, medical conditions, traits, or ancestry results and create a wiki page about it.
  5. In your wiki page, describe the association between the SNP(s) and the observed phenotypes, with a discussion of the scientific basis for the association between genotype and phenotype.
  6. What lessons should I personally learn from my genotype?

 Links to student articles written in response to this assignmentEdit

(*please put a link to your article here soon after you start working on it; no need to wait until you think it's complete)