Assignment 1:Edit

  1. Read the following Wikipedia articles: (a) Genetics, (b) Genomics, (c) Metagenomics. Take note of any jargon or concepts about which you are unclear.
  2. Write and publish a one-paragraph Wikia article providing a clear and scientifically accurate definition of one example of jargon or concept with which you were previously unfamiliar. Use your own words and cite your sources. In addition to your own article, you may also choose to contribute constructively to one or more articles started by other members of the class. We will review your contributions in class next Wednesday, 4 September.
  3. Place links to your new articles in the space below.

Links to student articles written to complete this assignment*:Edit

(*please put a link to your article here soon after you start working on it; no need to wait until you think it's complete)