Instructor's planEdit

  • Housekeeping
    1. The importance of signing in.
    2. Technical problems often result from importing complex material.
    3. Originality of Wiki contributions: It is essential that all of your contributions be written using your own words. For example, rephrasing text from a wikipedia article is not the same as contributing your own text. If there is a need to make a direct quote, please mark the text as a quotation and provide a citation.
    4. Frequently used comments, used in JMB's responses to student contributions, are listed at the link.
    5. Minimizing distractions during online work: Adblock Plus. Evernote Clearly. Setup a new browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) only for academic work. Other ideas?
    6. Assignment 2: Databases and online resources.
  • What are genetics, genomics and metagenomics?
  • Where are the boundaries between these fields?
  • Presentation of student contributions: Assignment 1